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CNC Turning- and Milling Center


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CNC (SINUMERIK 840 D powerline)
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Technical specs


turning diameter:
1.380 mm
turning length:
9.000 mm
turning diameter over steady rest slide:
1.150 mm
length (incl. horizontal machining):
8.000 mm
Turning axis high over floor:
1.250 mm
travel z-axis :
10.000 mm
weight between chuck and tailstock:
16.000 kg
weight between chuck, tailstock and steady rest:
20.000 kg
wheel box:
103 kW
driven by AC main spindle motor with autom. gearbox i=4:1:
drive power at the spindle:
103 kW
Total speed:
0-1.000 min-1
Speed in gear step I:
0-250 min-1
Speed in gear step II:
250-1.000 min-1
Spindle nose DIN 55026:
max.torque 1. gear step :
13.116 Nm
max. torque range 2. gear step:
3.279 Nm
holding torque of the brake:
10.000 Nm
C-axis positioning mode:
Drive by AC servo motor with bevel worm gear:
Resolution of measuring system:
+/- 0,001° °
max. torque:
8.200 Nm
speed range :
0-20 min-1
max. rotation speed:
120 °/sec
accuracy +/-:
+/- 3 °
travel z-axis :
10.000 mm
travel x-axis :
1.300 mm
travel Y-axis:
800 mm
Rapid feed Y-X-Z:
20 m/min
feed force Z-axis:
70 kN
feed force Y-/X-axis:
46 kN
measuring systems X-, Y- and Z-axis are linear scale:
Universal-Turning/Milling Unit DFE-G-1200/52 kW:
milling drive:
AC main spindle motor:
52 kW
automatic gearbox:
torque gear range I:
1.300 Nmk
torque gear range II:
325 Nm
B-axis - CNC swivel axis:
swivelling range theoretically:
360 °
max. swivel speed:
90 °/sec
max. torque in interpolation:
6.200 Nm
holding torque clamping B-axis:
20.000 Nm
accuracy (angle measuring system):
+/- "
Turn-Mill-Head PDFK HSK A 125T:
Transmittable torque:
1.500 Nm
Transmittable power:
52 kW
speed range :
0-3.000 min-1
tool taper :
HSK 125 
Spindle clamping in turning operation via Hirth gear with 2.5° pitch:
holding torque :
1.950 Nm
internal coolant system feed:
80 bar
internal air supply:
6 bar
Tool magazine and tool manipulator:
tool taper:
HSK 125 
number of tools:
tool length - max.:
1.000 mm
310 mm
tool diameter max. with occupied sub-places:
125 mm
Tool weight max.:
35 kg
Tool magazine for long tools (deep-hole-drilling tools or boring bars):
Number of boring bar adapters:
4 piece
diameter :
160 mm
tool length - max.:
1.450 mm
Tool manipulator HSK A 125T :
rapid traverse:
100 m/min
Tool length with double gripper cycle:
550 mm
Tool length with single gripper cycle:
1.000 mm


In single-slide design with universal turn-mill unit for economical, automatic
production of complex turned parts and housings, tubes and shafts in one clamping by turning, milling and (deep) drilling with interpolating B-axis.
The machine is equipped with a 7-axis CNC control system that allows linear interpolation of up to 5 axes.
Equipment, Accessories:
Substructure in welded design with 2 hardened guide rails and 2 hardened linear guide rails.
Headstock with AC main spindle motor 103 kW and C-axis with bevel gear and worm gear. Spindle head size 15. power chuck Ø 800 mm.
Feed slide with machining column.
Lead screw with driven nut, consisting of precision ball screw Ø 100/20 with hydraulic spindle support (Z-axis), travel 10,000 mm.
Cross slide with precision ball screw drive Ø 80/10 with hydraulic weight compensation (X-axis), travel 1,300 mm. Offset slide with precision ball screw Ø 80/10 (Y axis), travel 800 mm.
Universal turn-mill unit DFE-G-1200S with main and swivel drive for machining heads (B axis).
Turning/milling head PDFK HSK A 125T, 52 kW, 1,500 Nm, 3,000 min-1
Tailstock slide with CNC-controlled adjustment and spring-actuated slide clamping (W-axis).
Tailstock upper part with hydraulically operated quill.
2 pcs. steady rest slides with CNC-controlled adjustment and spring-actuated slide clamping (V1 + V2-axes)
Full machine enclosure with automatic safety doors
CNC control SINUMERIK 840 D powerline, electronic handwheel
Tool changer with 120 magazine places
4 magazine places for deep drilling tools
Coolant system consisting of coolant tank, high-pressure pump 80 bar, band filter system, lifting pump with level monitoring.
Chip conveyor longitudinal, ejection on right site of the machine
Oil mist exhausting device make ABSOLENT, type ODF 2000
3-D-Touch-Probe for workpiece inspection
Laser measuring device for tool control
Div. tool holders

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