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Round bar loader


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Bar loading magazine for multi spindle automatic lathe, new

Manufacturer: Giovanni Cucchi
Machine type: Bar loading magazine for multi-spindle
Design: Surface loading magazine or bundle loading magazine
diameter range: 6-67mm

DB-EVO at a glance:
Proven technology - in use for decades
The material feed of this loader generation is carried out by the machine. Bar loaders DBM/DBMF are mounted on rails, so that they can be easily separated from the machine at any time by unlocking them on the machine for changing feed grippers and cleaning work. These magazines do not require bar tubes on the machine and are bolted directly to the machine (see pictures).
It is possible to work in automatic mode as well as in manual mode. In the event of any malfunctions, the magazine can be used as a conventional bar guide tube. This eliminates machine downtime if service technicians are required.
These magazines have dry channel segments (no oil flow!). Therefore they are very quiet and vibration-free. Since the magazines are only in use during the loading cycle, they require less energy. CUCCHI GIOVANNI loading magazines are completely maintenance-free.

An overview of the advantages of DBM loading magazines for multi-spindle machines:
- very short loading time
- no oil flooding - dry running
- short design (e.g. 3670 mm for 3300 mm bar length)
- quick removal of the feed tube - simply push the loading magazine on rails away from the machine
- no downtime - bar material can be fed manually through the loading magazine into the machine in case of a malfunction
- new centring in the channel - also for small diameters < 6 mm
- short set-up times - quick changeover to the new diameter
- no scoring and scratches on sensitive surfaces due to plastic guides

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