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R-Tech CX35 / CX70

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CNC compound slides CX35 and CX70 for retrofitting
It does not always have to be an expensive full CNC multi-spindle automatic lathe.
Adapt your existing cam-controlled multi-spindle automatic lathe to current and future challenges. Optimize your production on cam-controlled multi-spindle lathes with retrofittable CNC cross-slides.
Compatible with: Gildemeister, Schütte, Tornos, MORY-SAY, Wickman
The inexpensive and reliable production of the workpiece on their existing cam-controlled multi-spindle automatic lathes often fails:
- complex contours inside and outside
- Machining of materials that are difficult to machine, such as stainless steels, etc. using the parting and grooving process
- required surface qualities
- long chip materials (no defined chip breaking)
- Changeover times with assembly and disassembly of special equipment too long
- Accuracy requirements
The CNC cross slide offers numerous machining possibilities, which are easy to realize thanks to the Fanuc CNC.
Usually the assembly takes only 3 days without any other modification of your machine.
More information is available on request!
Please, contact us for getting more information and pictures on mail(at)tar-mc.com or www.tar-mc.com

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