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Technical specs


Number of drilling agregates:
1 Stk.
bore diameter:
8-40 mm
dimensions of the machine ca.:
13 x 3,7 x 3,7 m
floor-plate width:
220 - 1500 mm
Plate thickness:
6 - 50 mm
floor-plate length:
500 - 6000 mm
workpiece weight:
3500 kg
Tool changer:
5-fach / 5-fold 


The Kaltenbach KF 1505 CNC plate processing center is suitable for drilling and flame cutting of flat steel and sheet metal. The plate processing center KF 1505 was put into operation in 2008 and is in a very well maintained condition. The plant can be visited in Cologne by appointment.

The efficient Kaltenbach plate processing center is ideally suited for the production of head plates, foot plates and gusset plates in steel construction as well as in the steel trade and for plant construction.
Commercially available sheet metal plates up to 1500 mm wide, 50 mm thick and 6000 mm long as well as sheet metal strips and flat steel from a width of 100 mm can be processed with the length measuring device. The length measuring system in the X-axis consists of a gripper measuring carriage with a hydraulic collet, which is guided on a stable toothed rack and thus positions the sheet metal panel at the respective processing station for the flame cutting process or drilling.
For flame cutting, either an oxy-fuel torch unit for flame cutting with acetylene and oxygen fuel gas or a Hypertherm HPR130 plasma torch unit is available. Sheet metal up to 20 mm thick is typically cut with the Hypertherm HPR 130 plasma unit, and thicker material is cut with the oxyfuel unit. Both cutting units are equipped with remote ignition, flame monitoring and automatic height adjustment.
The drilling unit is suitable for the use of HSS coolant channel drills and Kennametal KSEM carbide drills which you can get from Nenok including the appropriate coolant nencool at a reasonable price. Drill marks with the drill tip, countersinking and thread cutting is also possible with the appropriate tools.

The Kaltenbach KF 1505 is supplied with an infeed roller table for 6,000 mm sheets with a tong measuring carriage and on the outfeed side with a deposit table and integrated rollers.
A 5-fold tool changer for the drilling unit is also included as well as the Donaldson extraction and filter system.

Nenok is pleased to offer you a complete package with installation, commissioning, service and tools (Kennametal as well as cooling channel drills) for this system.

Please note: The demo video shows an identical Kaltenbach sheet metal processing center KF1505 but from 2002, the available machine is from 2008 and the plasma source is a modern Hypertherm HPR130.

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