Lathes - Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column - KRAFT VNL1254HT

Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column


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CNC (Siemens 828D + Shop turn)
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Technical specs


faceplate diameter:
1000 mm
swing diameter:
1500 mm
turning height:
1000 mm
max. turning diameter:
1250 mm
table speeds:
4~500  1/min
max. torque on the faceplate:
6 KNm
transmission ratio:
2 Stück
max. workpiece weight:
5 t
rapid power traverse in X-and Z direction:
12 m/min
Travel of Ram (vertical):
620 mm
Travel of ram (horiz.):
800 mm
power maindrive:
30 kW
weight of the machine ca.:
18 t
Machine size (LxWxH):
4850×5000×4100 mm
total power requirement:
65 kva
positioning accuracy:
0.030 mm
repeating accuracy:
0,015 mm


CNC controller:
Siemens 828D basic + Shop turn 
automatic tool changer:
8-fach, elektrisch und programmierbar 
4 jaw chuck:
1000 mm
gear box:
von ZF 
Servo motors:
vom Steuerungshersteller 
heat exchanger
automatic lubrication system
signal lamp
linear scales and ballscrew:
von HIWIN (Taiwan) 
hydr. components
chip conveyor with chip bucket
Spindle oil cooler
European electric:
überwiegend von ABB, Telemechanique 
technical documentation in German language
hydr. components:
Seven ocean / KOMPASS (Taiwan) 


Product Presentation

Perform quality control in the whole process
Features standardization
Modular and universalization
Finite element analysis realizes optimize design;
Compact structure;
Full protection cover,good chip removal, provide customers safe and clean working environment.
Low gravity center structure design is convenient for loading and unloading workpiece.
90 ° rotating control panel ,more humanized interface;
CE certificate

Machine bed:

Symmetric overall structure, the thermal deformation is small
Column is located on the base, good rigidity

Column using sand sealing structure, good vibration absorbing

Column base combined with rubber pad, heat insulation and vibration absorption

Beam adopts hierarchical positioning, realize heavy cutting

Beam lifting system
Beam lifting system

to ensure the largest cutting capacity. Greatly improve the beam displacement positioning accuracy;

After the position adjustment, automatic clamping by cylinder fixed to ensure accuracy; ensure the different heights of workpieces in shortest ram overhanging
It is convenient for processing any height of workpiece in the 0 ~ 1000mm
Low & filtering alarm equipment oil cooling machine

Driving system;

Large cutting capacity
motor: a40; Power 37KW
ZF speed reducer imported from Germany
Machine body Casting;

Casting machining process:
Roughness machining
First aging treatment
Second roughness machining
Second aging treatment
Semi finishing
Finish machining

Neway casting company

80% machine casting is made by Neway casting company, we control the quality from the very start. ‘Neway’ logo and casting track number on all castings.

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