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Machining Center - Universal


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CNC (MSX 711 MAPPS 3, Fanuc 31iA5)
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Technical specs


1550 mm
1600 mm
1230 mm
MSX 711 MAPPS 3, Fanuc 31iA5 
numbers of pallets:
pallet size::
1000 x 1000 mm
max. workpiece diameter on pallets:
1500 mm
workpiece - installed height:
1300 mm
max. workpiece weight:
2500 kg
spindle drive:
37/30 kW
spindle speed::
8000 1/min
max. torque on the spindle:
1009 Nm
Tool magazine rack type:
240 HSK-A 100 
max. tool diameter:
125 mm
max. tool-dia with free toolbox:
320 mm
max. tool length:
800 mm
max. tool weight:
30 kg
rapid travel x/y/z:
42/42/36 mm/min
A-axis (5th axis) pivoting table:
150 °
Rapid Rpm B-axis (rotary table):
50 1/min
Rapid feed A-axis (tilt axis):
20 1/min
total power requirement:
125 kVA
weight of the machine ca.:
60 t
dimensions of the machine ca.:
5 x15 x 4,8 m


chip conveyor
KNOLL high pressure filter unit:
70 bar 
spindle oil cooler
Koordinate system rotation:
dynamic G54.2 
Load monitor
Coolant Gun
2 MB 
Dataserver (Harddisk)
ATA memory card:
1 GB 
Tool offsets:
999 3 dim.
Probe for tool breakage and length measuring:
Oil jet lubrication for drilling
Work piece offsets:
High speed countour control
High speed skip signal
Helical Interpolation
Cylinder interpolation
Macro B
User Macro variables:
Macro with interrupt function
Tool life management:
Registered Programs:
Programmable axis mirror function
Rotoclear window
polar coordinate programming G15/G16
polar coordinate interpolation
Koordinate system rotation
Renishaw probe (spindle)


The MORI SEIKI NMH 10000 DCG APC 7 is a 5-axis universal maching center with 7 palletpool. The pallet size is 1000 x 1000 mm.
The x-travel is 1550 mm, the y-travel is 1600 mm and the z-travel is 1230 mm.
The control is a MSX 711 MAPPS 3 (Fanuc 31iA5).
The rapid travel x/y/z is 42/42/36 mm/min.
The max. work piece diameter on pallets is 1500mm, maximum height is 1300mm.
The max. work piece weight is 2500 kg.
The B-axis (rotary table, 4th axis) is fully integrated (360.000 x 0,001°). The max. RPM of the B-axis (rotary table) is 50 RPM.
The A-axis (pivoting table, 5th axis) (150.000 x 0,001°) The feed of the A-axis (tilt axis) goes with a speed of 20 RPM.

The spindle drive has an output of 37/30kW, the spindle speed is 8000 RPM while the max. torque on the spindle is 1009 Nm.
The tool magazine is a rack type for 240 tool holders HSK-A 100.
Max. tool diameter is 125 mm, 320 mm is possible with empty neighboring spaces.
Max. tool length is 800 mm and max. tool weight is 30kg.
The machine comes with a chip conveyor, a KNOLL high pressure system with filter unit (70 bar), a coolant Gun and spindle oil cooler.
Renishaw spindle probe
Probe for tool breakage and length measuring (magazine) is integrated and an oil jet lubrication for drilling.
A Rotoclear window is integrated in the workspace window.

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